Revelation of the Crimson Seal

The 'Pentagram' within the Crimson Moon logo yields much meaning and represents to a large degree, what Crimson Moon is about. Upon taking a closer look at this Pentagram, one will notice it consists of a combination of four classical occult symbols: The five fold star or pentagram, the Oroborous, the Inverted Cross, and the 8-rayed Star of Chaos.

The Pentagram, represents more than one meaning. Each of the 5 points represent basically, a map of the Universe and the symbol of Magick, since it is a representation of ether/spirit and matter/elements interacting. The 5 points represent Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Spirit; a more modern way to define these would be Space, Time Mass, Energy, and Ether. - The Pentagram is also commonly known as a symbol for Man with three points up, thus three points facing down, represents Man as being inferior or prey... lower upon the food chain and less evolved than those of the Awakened Blood.

The Oroborous symbol of the Serpent consuming or 'biting' it's own tail represents eternity, Immortality, and to some extent, the veil between the Earth and what is Beyond (i.e. Conscious and Subconscious). The circle the Serpent forms represents power harnessed and controlled as well as a centrum of concentrated power or force.

The Inverted Cross represents not the fall of Christianity, but the disbelief of its twisted words and a resistance towards its oppression for us, the Awakened Blood. Christianity has served since its birth as a way to deceive, oppress, and blind those of slave mentality from the truth... a truth that shall be granted to the Awakened Blood's knowledge and a truth that shall be denied from those who fall into the oppressing and blinding grip of Christianity. Therefore, Christianity shall serve us, the Awakened Blood, by governing, controlling, and deceiving those who fall inferior to us and are not worthy of the shadowed and true knowledge that lies behind the facade of Christianity. To support the fall of Christianity would only be to support the emancipation of those who are not worthy of such mercy and is not of our desires.

We all bring upon our own fate and all shall pay our consequences of the path we choose. To deny Christianity and resist to conform to its ways is of our desires and shall only lead us further into our quest for truth and knowledge. Christianity shall control its slaves, and we shall control Christianity.

The 8 fold star of Chaos represents just that... Chaos. The purest form of Power and the key to Magick. Each ray represents one of the 8 forms of Magick (War Magick, Thinking Magick, Sex Magick, Ego Magick, Love Magick, Wealth Magick, Death Magick and the 8th being Pure Magick.). - These 8 types of Magick can be attributed to the Seven classical planets, plus the planet Uranus, representing Pure Magick. We, the Awakened Blood, realize that without Chaos, there would be nothing, for it exists in all things.

These four universal occult symbols, take on further meaning with the way they are combined and entwined within as the Seal of Crimson Moon. The Star of Chaos with the Oroborous represents the Mesopatamian Mother Goddess, TIAMAT. She (TIAMAT) is the Dragon/Serpent of Chaos, She is the Beginning and the End (i.e. the mouth and the tail), She is the Heavens and the Earth (i.e. the Subconscious and the Conscious), and she is eternal/immortal. Her blood flows strongly within the veins of the Awakened and through us, she breathes. The Pentagram, for its magickal symbolism, represents the Magick of the Awakened Blood/the Magick of TIAMAT. She knows all, sees all, and controls all, and through Her, so shall we. Further, the circle or ring formed by the Oroborous around the Star of Chaos represents the powers of chaos harnessed and used within our magick.

The Pentagram, for its symbolism of Man falling prey to the Awakened entwined with the Inverted Cross. The Cross representing their (Man's), religion and how it leads (or rather oppresses) them to falling to the position they're at upon the chain of life and upon spiritual and mental evolution. Man shall have its faith in Christianity, and this shall keep man in his rightful place: below the Awakened Blood. TIAMAT essentially represents our Kindred and we have accepted her as our primordial mother, man represents what we have evolved from and what shall serve us for our needs and shall bleed for TIAMAT's eternal thirst.

So, this 'Pentaborous' that is strongly present in all of Crimson Moon's workings has its meanings, which are deep, strong, and true to the members within Crimson Moon. Chaos is in our veins and her Essence is immortal and mighty. Hail TIAMAT, for her wings shall carry us beyond the Veil of the Abyss.

Kthulu Productions