The Choice Of Spirit
CD 2006 (Kthulu Productions)
I - The Unclean One (intro)
II - Into the Nocturnal Forest (instrumental)
III - Nocturnity
IV - Veins Of Immortality
V - Transcend the Darkness
VI - Vengeance of the Dragon: The Communion (outro)
VII - Sender of Nocturnal Visions
VIII - The Withering Rose of Purity
IX - The Choice of Spirit
X - The Fall of Man
XI - As Predators Upon Prey
XII - Alignment of the Serpentine Path

Overlord - Guitars, Synths, Drum Programming
Scorpios - Bass, Vocals

All musick written and arranged by CRIMSON MOON
Recorded September/November 2001 - April 2006
Produced,mixed, and mastered by Overlord

tracks I - VI originally from the 1994 and 1995 Demos
track VII originally from the "To Embrace the Vampyric Blood" CD '97
track VIII originally from the "Under the Serpentine Spell" rehearsal '97
track IX from the "Under the Serpentine Spell" rehearsal sessions '97
(previously unreleased)
track X - XII written/recorded September/November 2001 - April 2006
(previously unreleased)

Kthulu Productions