Under The Serpentine Spell
CD 2005 (Total Holocaust Records)
I - Cults of the Shadow (intro)
II - Chaos of the Sea - MUMMU TIAMAT
III - Raise the Horns of Battle
IV - Amidst The Labyrinths of Depression
V - The Withering Rose of Purity
VI - The Blood that is Eternal
VII - Her Cursed Kiss
VIII - Bloodstained Dreams of the Dragon
IX - Under the Serpentine Spell
X - Within the Dreaming Mind of the Seperate (outro)
XI - Veins of Immortality II (bonus track on CD)

Overlord - Guitars, Drum Programming
Scorpios - Bass, Vocals
BloodMoon - Synths

Written, Arranged, & Performed by Crimson Moon.
Recorded in the Serpentís Chamber Anno 1996 - Anno 1997 on a portable 4 track recorder.
Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Overlord at Nibiru Headquarters August - October 2004.
Acoustic Guitar Outro on "Under the Serpentine Spell" by Scorpios.
Synths on "Within the Dreaming Mind of the Seperate" by Overlord.
Artwork and Logo by Blood Moon Ausar.

© Kthulu Productions