Crimson Moon interview with Nocturnal Overlord. January 27th 2006

There are not too many BM bands from the US that originated from your time (1994) that are still respectfully active in this day and age. That must give a sense of pride, and what do you think of the bands that faded out, changed in style or no longer exist from the same era?

Crimson Moon has been around for about 13 years now. Not too much has changed in the scene, except that there seems to be even more bands lately. Whether thats a good or bad thing is up to you. For me the black metal scene has become a joke and has lost its meaning behind it, and thats just something I dont need to be a part of. So I dont take it too seriously any more. What other people say and do doesnt really concern or affect me anyways.

Crimson Moon has a certain structure in the songs and lyrics that have kept a certain audience captive it seems. I have read reviews which compare the music to bands such as early Emperor, Graveland and other landmarks in Black Metal. Being compared to Emperor and known BM bands in the "To Embrace the Vampyric Blood" era at the time as opposed to today, do you see a big difference? Is it the music or the visions/lyrics behind the music that kept everything going all these years?

There's really not too much of a difference between then and now. For me the driving force for CM has always been the music I create, and it always will be.

The music makes an obvious progression throughout the Crimson Moon discography, and the latest release "The Choice of Spirit" seems to show this in a chronological view. Judging by track order, that was obviously intentional. What was the main priority and focus behind the Choice of Spirit?

Well, I had already started working on re-recording the old demo songs back around 1998 or so, after Scorpios first moved to Germany. The demos had a shitty production, and we thought it would be great to re-record the old songs. Throughout the next few years, I had taken a few recording and mastering classes, classical guitar lessons, and had upgraded to a professional home recording studio. During this time I also had written an entirely new album for CM, which is what we are working on now for the next and probably final release. Anyways, in 2001 Scorpios finally came back for a short visit to the US, and we started recording what is now known as The Choice of Spirit. We were hoping to have Blood Moon record keyboards again on TCOS, but after many delays, we gave up and I personally ended up doing the keyboards myself. TCOS is basically the first album we got to record on something other than a 4 track. Since Scorpios didnt know how to play any of the new songs I had written for the next album, we decided to go ahead and re-record some old song insteads, as well as a few newer ones. The purpose of TCOS was to show the progression of CM, and to finally be able to move forward on to the next level. Like the end of one cycle, and the beginning of the next. Which is where we are at today.

For a band that has existed since 1994, the discography spans a low average to years ratio. Is this intentional or simply how things worked out? Under the Serpentine Spell was recorded in 1997 and not released until 2005. If I understand my resources right, The Choice of Spirit was more or less the same. What are the reasons behind this?

The reasons for the long delays were due to the extreme distance problems between the band members. Scorpios has been in Germany since 1998, and it was basically left up to me to work on everything by myself, but still having to wait around for everyone else to try and do their part. It became difficult to think of it as a band, and turned more into a project. And at the end it was usually me that did most of the work. This was one of the reasons I started Nibiru. I was feeling limited to what we could do with CM, so I had to make a musical outlet somewhere else.

Back to The Choice of Spirit, the album artwork is closely similar to that of Dark Funerals Vobiscum Sathanas and Vital Remains 2006 release. Is their an alliance with the symbolism? Some Satanic overtones are definitely present in the lyrics and artwork of Crimson Moon. What exactly does the title "The Choice of Spirit" represent for you?

The album cover was the perfect representation of what The Choice of Spirit means to me. It's a lone wolf, high on top of the mountains in balance and connected with all the powers of the cosmos. Everyone has their own spirit and ideas of the afterlife, and thoughts about why we are here. And we all walk and make our own paths. The choice is yours what you do with yourself. Most choose to be just another decaying corpse living in society, depending on other individuals to survive. While some others will see far beyond what others see and recognize, and can live 10,000 life times in just this one life.

And the symbols on the Choice of Spirit? They do not look like anything I have seen in a book, was this Blood Moon Ausar's artwork, and could you shed some light on what it means?

Yes this was done by Blood Moon. The main symbol in the center is actually a combination of 3 other sigils. The bottom one represents the power of clairvoyancy. The right one represents the power of telepathy, and the left one represents the power of psychometry. Each one powerful on its own, and together meant to awaken the mind and innersoul of one's self into a new being, like a transformation of sorts. It can also be viewed as an omen. The symbols used around this "triad" are more of a cryptic nature. And in it you will find hidden messages and clues into seeing what can not be seen, hearing what can not be heard, and feeling/touching what can not be felt.

Recently, singer/bassist Scorpios Androctonus has left the band. The 1994 demo claims to be a one man band performed and recorded by "Tony Ancona". Did Crimson Moon originate as a solo project? As the biography now available doesn't seem to clarify this, could you share with us brief who is who and who did what?

Crimson Moon formed from the ashes of the old San Diego death metal band, INFESTED, which both Scorpios and I played in during 1993-1994. After the break up of Infested, we started working on a new band together, which eventually became Crimson Moon. We had a few songs I had written for the band, and early on we recruited the ex Infested drummer, and at some point even had a 2nd guitarist. But they didnt last too long. Shortly after, I started recording some of the material I had with just guitars. I still have some of the recordings actually and even an old tape cover I made myself. During Christmas of all days, Scorpios called me and said he had recorded a demo on his own with his brothers drum machine, with 2 new songs he had written, and an intro and outro. This is what later came to be known as the s/t 1994 demo. It was hardly distributed, and I doubt more than 50 copies exist. A few months later we re-recorded the songs plus another new one, for the 1995 Into the Nocturnal Forest Demo. This was our first well distributed demo that got us some recognition around the globe. We soon started writing some new material for Vampyric Blood. I think we had maybe 2 songs before Scorpios made the move from San Diego to West Covina (between San Bernardino and LA counties). After that, things got still for a while, and I continued to keep writing songs on my own again ever since. During 1995 -1996 I started recording all the drum and keyboard tracks, and then added in the guitars for To Embrace. Then Scorpios add in the bass and vocals later. TETVB was originally supposed to be our 3rd demo, but the results were better than expected, and Abyss Productions picked us up for a CD release. The rest is history.

A short tour took place in 2006 for Crimson Moon (courtesy of Kthulu Productions, live clips are available on while searching Crimson Moon). This was in fact the first time for Crimson Moon to perform live? It seems as if only two members are present (I would assume you and Scorpios Androctonus) in the video footage. Can you give some details of the tour and explain the shortage of musicians on stage?

That was the only time we ever played live. We wont be playing live again in the future either. If you hear of a CM show coming up, then they forgot to tell you that it's basically a CM cover band pretending to play my songs live... hehe. Anyways, the Alignment of the Serpentine Path Tour was roughly 8 shows with Abyssmal Nocturne, and Nibiru. The reason we decided to do some shows was because we wanted to play the Gathering of Shadows Fest in Colorado. And since we were going through all the trouble of getting things together to perform the fest, we said fuck it and added on some extra shows with some of our friends and their bands. We also ended up playing the Sacrifice of the Nazarene Child Fest in Texas, and opened up for Belphegor in Tijuana, Mexico. All this happened in June of 2006.

We had a drummer ready to do the tour with us, but unfortunetly he lost his job a few weeks before the tour, and was not able to make it due to him finding a new job and not being able to get the time off. Blood Moon was also supposed to go on tour with us, but due to his court date in Tennesse shortly before the tour, he didnt have the chance to come out to CA and rehearse and learn the songs with us. So instead of cancelling the tour, we decided to go on as a two piece and play along to a drum machine recorded onto a CDr. It was not how we had planned to play, but at the end the live performances were decent. The distance problems between the band members definetly took its toll on this experience. I dont think Crimson Moon belongs being a live band anyways.

From a musicians standpoint of view, as a guitarist, can you give some opinions on what makes your music stand out? How do you write a song, what inspires you and what do you rely on for your sound gear wise? Crimson Moon has always had a sort of drawn back guitar sound, letting the keyboards melt in, and keeping the guitars in the background. Is that easy to do, or do you ever get the wish to make your guitars a few notches higher in the mix?

My music just comes out naturally. I have alot of different inspiration. I usually hear the songs or riffs in my head first, and then I figure them out on the guitar. In the past I used a simple set up. A preamp/FX Processor and a poweramp going through a 4x12 cabinet. These days I use a guitar head for a killer all tube distortion, and an FX processor for Effects, and also a Roland Guitar Synth. My newest set up is just killer, and will sound amazing on a recording. Especially with the guitar synth hooked up through the Korg Triton. This new album we're going to record is just going to come out great. We have a strong feeling about it.

Also now that we have two guitar players (Malefic), there will be more use of harmonies/disharmonies, use of more chords, guitar solos, etc, etc. The new album is sure to sound a lot fuller, and yet more chaotic at the same time. Alot more going on this time around, but still keeping that old occult and atmospheric sound CM is known for.

As for the volume levels of the guitars in the past, on the first 2 albums, we recorded on a 4 track. So we were limited to what we could do. Especially after bouncing tracks together and not being able to seperate them later in the mix. For TETVB, we only had 2 hours to mix and master the recording! So the mix didnt exactly come out as planned on that CD. On TCOS, we finally got more of the type of guitar sound we wanted. More upfront and in your face. Now that we've upgraded our studio once again, the production is sure to sound even better this time around as well.

On the track "Raise the Horns of Battle" from Under the Serpentine Spell, a passage goes "Towards the Synagogue, with Thirst for Semite Blood". What exactly does this phrase mean, and what else in the lyrics makes a point of view to this? I think it is clearly evident that Crimson Moon never has had a political or racial view on things, though some lyrics seem to pinpoint things. It is understood by myself that you did not write the lyrics, however I imagine you read and stand behind them.

We have never been political nor racist. We always have been misanthropists though. To me the lyrics to this song are about preparing and going to war. Getting into the mindsight of a warrior, having a lust for your enemies blood to be spilt, and having a proud and triumphant victory.

There are plans for a 2007 release, and a rather unique line up. Can you tell us more about the new members?

The new line up so far consists of:

Nocturnal Overlord (Nibiru, Temple of the Dreaming Serpent) - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Guitar Synths, Bass, Synths, Vocals

Malefic (Xasthur) - Guitars, Bass, Vocals

Blackstorm (Abyssmal Nocturne, Infernal Kingdom) - Vocals, Bass, Guitars

We have been in contact with both Malefic and Blackstorm for many years. We had actually asked Malefic if he was interested in working with CM a few years ago. I think it was Blood Moon's idea. As for Blackstorm, we played together in Abyssmal Nocturne for years, and we always knew eventually he would be a part of Crimson Moon. It was just going at such a slow pace for CM in the past, that there was no real reason to recruit new members. But now times have changed, and everything seems to be falling into place like a perfect puzzle. Funny how things work sometimes.

Recently there is Myspace page for Crimson Moon, and I was a bit surprised to see Crimson Moon there. What are your thoughts on Myspace?

Personally, I hate MySpace and the idea of it. But unfortunetly I was forced to start an Official Crimson Moon Myspace Page which can be found at We were forced to start one because there were already a few fan pages around with incorrect info, and low quality images and samples that we had not given permisson for. So we figured we might as well make one with all the correct info. Besides that, I dont really think much of it. I guess some people would just die without it though! What else would they have to live for?!

The last Crimson Moon release, The Choice of Spirit, was released through your label, Kthulu Productions. Can you tell us how this came about and why the choice of a small label when I would imagine there were offers about from other established labels?

There really weren't many offers from any bigger labels. Especially since the band was so spread apart before, and not even being able to practice. Plus we were tired of constantly running out of our own CDs all the time. So we decided to do the release on my label. It just made the most sense.

Your solo project Nibiru has taken note lately. Touring, appearance at the Gathering of Shadows and a new demo release. Perhaps a separate interview for Nibiru is needed, for now, can you give a brief outline of details? Who are the session musicians? On video clips from the website (, there are vocals and live drums, was this playback to a cd. And will new material have actual vocals?

Nibiru is an astral occult metal project I started back around 1996. So far we have released one official demo, also on Kthulu Productions. We have done a few live shows, with various session members. The session members we seem to use the most are Blackstorm and Sardonic Wrath of Abyssmal Nocturne. We're all good friends and have been playing together with Abyssmal for many years now. So it was natural/easy to start also doing a few shows with Nibiru. Eventually I'd like to get a whole line up together for Nibiru, and make it something real special. But for now, I have some work to finish with Crimson Moon. Hopefully the debut Nibiru CD will be released this year (2007) though. Its already finished and was recorded on my own. For now Nibiru will remain an instrumental band, but we'll see what happens in the future.

Blood Moon Ausar Designed your logo, performed keyboards on Under the Serpentine Spell, as well as designing known logos for Xasthur, Satanic Warmaster, Nibiru and others. Though he is not on the Choice of Spirit, is he still active in the band? While on the topic of the Choice of Spirit, another question I have is why aren't there any slowed down spoken vocals like on To Embrace the Vampyric Blood and Under the Serpentine Spell?

The only time Blood Moon was "active" in the band was for the week or two in October 1997 that he was out here in CA, when we recorded Under the Serpentine Spell. In fact that was the first and only time we had even met with Blood Moon. Next time we would see him would be almost 9 years later at the Gathering of Shadows in Colorado. His band Dagon played both the GOS and the Dallas show with us while we were on tour last year. Like I mentioned earlier, we really wanted him to play on TCOS and on the tour with us, but time, distance, and other restrictions prevented it from happening.

Besides the short time he had "playing" in the band, he had also been helping us and other bands out with artwork, calligraphy, etc. He really is a killer artist and has come up with some of the best logos and calligraphy i've ever seen.

As for not having any spoken parts on TCOS, I didnt want to keep doing the same thing over and over on each album. I thought it would be better to do something a little different and vary the use of the vocals some more. The spoken parts on the previous albums started sounding redundant and stagnant to me after a while, and it was just time for a bit of a change. I actually liked the way the vocals came out on TCOS, better than how they were on the first 2 albums, at least in my opinion. We might still have some spoken parts on the next album. There are no limits to what we can do next.

With the occult meanings behind Crimson Moon, I would imagine you read a fair bit. I am curious as to the representation of Tiamat on the cover of Under the Serpentine Spell. Why shown in 2 forms? Is that to reflect both polarities of Tiamat? Is there an actual worship behind Crimson Moon towards Tiamat, or is it more Necronomicon Oriented? What are the most memorable books you have read though out the last 12 months?

Tiamat is infinite and immortal. Her energy flows in every direction, with no real beginning and no real end. Just endless cycles. It does keep some sort of balance in the universe and in nature. Crimson Moon has always paid tribute to Tiamat and the ways of the Ancient Ones. The Great Serpent can see through our eyes.

As far as books go, I tend to study more on my own and from my own experience, rather than trying to learn from a book. Lately ive been fascinated with Meso America and the ancient civilizations of the Aztecs, Mayans, Incas, Anasazi, etc. We had the chance to go to Mexico a few months ago with Nibiru and Abyssmal Nocturne, and visit the great pyramids of Teotihuacan, and the Aztec Templo Mayor of Mexico City. Really a great and magickal experience. Other than that, most of my reading has been online.

Where do you see yourself and Crimson Moon 5 years from now. Though this isn't going to be written in stone, it will be printed on paper so it's safe to assume your answer will still be around by then. Do you think you will get to an age eventually where black metal loses importance to you?

At this point I dont see a reason to take what has become of black metal and the "scene" too seriously. Most of it is full of kids and fake people with nothing better to do with themselves. And now with digital media taking over CD collections, who knows what to expect in the near future. We are heading into a new age of technology, and it wont be long before a new trend starts in the underground metal scene.

As for Crimson Moon, I dont see it lasting too much longer. All thats left is to finish what was left unfinished, and to complete the circle and finally break the curse that is Crimson Moon. It's been pretty much dead for years now anyways. It just came back for one last round before it ends with its fury.

- Epitaph?

We're looking forward to making this new and probably final album. The new songs are really dark and more technical than before, and will easily prove to be the best Crimson Moon release yet. We are also planning to re-release To Embrace the Vampyric Blood on Kthulu Productions this year. It's already been re-mixed, and I must say, the new mix definetly sounds more how it was intended to sound, with a more powerful mix, and a more upfront guitar. Most people that have heard it have said it sounds like a completely new recording now, and that they hear parts in the songs that they never noticed before. Definetly something to look forward to.

Official Crimson Moon, news, merchandise, forum, and MP3 samples of what to expect from us next can be found at: , , and .

Thanks for the interview and good luck with your new magazine. Hails!

Interview with Overlord of
by Black Alchemy Webzine Sep 6th, 2004


I've just recently finished re-mixing and re-mastering the "Under The Serpentine Spell" rehearsal. This new and final mix sounds 1000x better than all the bootlegs and copies that have been circulating throughout the underground for the past 7 years. Definetly the best UTSS has ever sounded. I've already sent the master to Silcharde Records. Silcharde and I (Kthulu Productions) will be releasing UTSS on limited cassette hopefully by the end of this year. This limited cassette will come with very special packaging that we will announce soon. We are also talking to some labels about releasing this final version on CD as well as vinyl.

The Cult of the Crimson Moon is also working on some brand new spells for 2004 as well. Scorpios and I already have one song almost finished. We will probably include this song on "The Choice of Spirit". Which is another release we've been working on for the last few years. This will contain re-recorded/new versions of all the demo songs, a new version of Sender of Nocturnal Visions (originally on the "To Embrace the Vampyric Blood" CD), a new version of The Withering Rose of Purity (originally on the "Under The Serpentine Spell" rehearsal), The Fall of Man (a song Scorpio and I recorded in 2001...previously unreleased) and a new song we are currently working on in 2004. 2004 will mark the 10th anniversary of Crimson Moon. this release will be kind of an archived release of some of the musick we've been working on through out the years. Our keyboardist, Blood Moon Ausar, has yet to contribute to this release ...but hopefully that will change very soon.




Personally, i enjoy listening to anything that is dark, creative and interesting. Anything from classical musick, ambient, and tribal to all different types of metal, experimental, industrial and noise. And of course, there is all kinds of other "art" i am interested in. Necromancy, Vampyrism, Lycanthropy, Chaos Magick, Sumerian/Anunnakian Magick, Shamanism, Hallucinogens, etc. As for black metal, and metal in general... there's definetly still some interesting and excellent bands out there from all over the just have to look really hard for them. Lately i would recommend Negura Bunget, Xasthur, Zemial, and Melechesh name a few.


I know of a few (Nokturnal Mortem and Black Wood).


I prefer to follow my own path and experiences. The way i see it, the more angles and perspectives you look at things ...the more open to the truth of it all you will be.


There will always be followers in life...but only the strong will survive.


Left Hand Path deals more with following ones own self. Similar to Satanism. Doing what thou wilt, and making it for yourself, not following other ideas or people.

Chaos Magick is of course a rebirth. A new starting point. Wiping out the old.


Lately i've been trying to read more about Mesoamerica. The Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, Toltecs, etc. I find it interesting how Quetzalcoatl, Enki and Ptah are all very similar ...even though they are from different times and regions. And of course my investigations with the Anunnaki/Nibiru will never end. I've been truely fascinated with the Mayan calendar lately as well ...and how the cycles of the cosmos are coming into a new era very soon. The Mayan's long count does end on December 21, 2012. And they seem to be quite accurate.


To be honest, i've never read an entire book by either of these persons.


I prefer the old occult sound. There's just something about these bands and this kind of musick. Black Metal seems to have been taken over by foolish kids and make up wearing Hollywood goths. It has been ruined just like death metal was ruined 12 years ago. I like a lot of bands from Greece/Hellas. They seem to have some of the best bands. Lithuania also seems to have a lot of interesting musick. You can obviously tell which bands are truely into what they preach ..and for that i have respect.


They mean nothing to me, since i have no ancestral connection to Europe. I respect the bands that are being true to themselves though. It seems pathetic/childish when bands are talking about subject matter they have no real connection with or knowledge about.


This country just keeps getting worse with each day. Hopefully i will be moving away from this target here soon. It's all a bunch of lies, brainwashing, slavery, and Christianity trying to take over.


Of course all the ancient pyramids and temples of the Mayans, Aztecs, etc. are fascinating to me. Truely a different time. Native American stories and legends. The taking over of the America's by the Europeans. I'm not really interested in anything more currently. Besides all the things the governments try to hide.


Crimson Moon supports the Never Stop the Madness Campaign ...the destruction of all forms of authority ...and the fall of man.


The future of the world is not a nice place. Only the strong will survive.


The Cult of the CRIMSON MOON is stronger than ever. ...TIAMAT lays, Dead but Dreaming... ..and will be awakened from her slumber soon.

Interview with Vampir Scorpios of
Feb 27th 2004

Hails! How are things in these final days?

In Ourobous Form.

I assumed Crimson Moon had died. However, this is not the case at all. Explain why there was such an extensive hiatus with Crimson Moon. Did it ever cross your mind to kill the band?

Assumptions walk hand in hand with impatience. Patience is ours, we take our dear sweet time. Killing Crimson Moon is not even a matter of possibility, we are simply months away from a decade of existance in audio form and therefore, some things one must simply have to wait for.

Are the aspirations for Kthulu Productions to release other material aside from your own? When was this label formed and for what purpose? What are some upcoming releases? Is there a possibility of some Crimson Moon vinyl?

Yes, Kthulu Productions in itself is still at an aspiring state, and with what looks to be a very determined and productive progress,the first upcoming release will be a cassette tape relase of the long sought after Under The Serpentine SPell rehersal recording which we are currently remastering and preparing for a rather special release. If any profit is made with this release, it will be something to aid in the release of future material on Vinyl format. We have had several offers from various labels in regards to a releae of Under The Serpentine Spell on C.D., some of which that could have been convenient for financial reasons. In our eyes, we see this material to be something that was recorded in the older days, and should be released in the same way it was back then: self distributed and limited.

To Embrace The Vampyric Blood features keyboards that are played proficiently and yet you have added a third member to the cult, Khaija Ausar (Blood Moon), who plays keyboards as well. Did he join Crimson Moon to make live shows possible or does his style differ from yours?

It was a matter of igniting a third candle to the quintessence of a trinity. Khaija Ausar is performing all keyboards for the Under the Serpentine Spell material. As heard on TO EMbrace the Vampyric Blood CD, Overlord is indeed capable of executing the added keyboards. Live shows are not even a concern to us, I have played live shows and tried to take it seriously with other bands, I deem it impossible within a audience of anyone who can just get into the doors with some money. It makes no sense to play a live show, even though a few people could understand our concept from the audience, the majority of the audience would pollute the essence of what we see as a proper atmosphere, and that would be simply redundant and a lot of work and effort that we would prefer to focus in a more creative direction.

The logo of Crimson Moon actually carries symbolic significance and furthermore, you have written an article about this emblem. Can you reprint this commentary here?

Indeed it does, however, it is rather long, and if anyone reading this interview feels inclined to look into it, they can go to our homepage and find a path to all they are looking for within the Crimson Moon:

Vampirism is a common topic these days. Being represented by many bands in both Hollywood style theatrics and idiotic teenage goth lesbianism, this is becoming a fashionable subject. However, neither of the aforementioned versions are what Crimson Moon embodies. Explain what attracts you to vampirism and how important it is to Crimson Moon. How is this different than the two examples that I have given?

It has nothing to do with your examples given. That is one example of how it differs. we are all deeply interested and involved within the occult, and the roots start there. We can relate to many philospohies common amongst black metal ideoligies, I am still convinced we have what is extremely Unique. The essence of the word "Vampire" is feeding off of a form of life or energy, and obtaining a form of rejuvinated from the source. This can be done in many ways, psychological, magickal, physical and in ways that the 5 senses cannot experience nor comprehend.

Sabnack, Akrabu and Nibiru are the names of three other bands that you take part in. I have never heard the material of these bands - how is it different from Crimson Moon musically and lyrically? Is this the same Sabnack that has a tape out on Drakkar? From the old website I recall that there were quite a few more bands that you were involved with or am I mistaken?

Yes, this is the same Sabnack that was on Drakkar, I suppose I owe thanks to Drakkar for the fact that it made a bit of recognization despite the fact that I was not happy with that release at all. Maybe back then they were still young, and have matured. I dont know. NIbiru is a project of Overlord, nothing is released as of yet, but I have heard what he is working on in his studio and it is extremely impressive, there are some mp3's available at and it wil definately be something to look forward to as a future release on Kthulu Productions. The music is definately Black Metal Oriented, but at the same time it sounds like something not of this world. If I would have to compare something to NIbiru, I would be at an utter loss for words.I am still working with AKrabu, which is entirely acoustic, I recently finished recording a cover song of Dead Can Dance for a tribute cd which is soon to be released in March or April by Black Lotus Records in Greece, and I am always working on new material. I have several other solo projects, all of different genres, and most of which are experimental.

Within the layout of To Embrace The Vampyric Blood there is a picture of what looks to be an angel being raped by three succubae. Is there any special meaning to this besides the obvious blasphemy? And the cover depicts some form of blood sacrifice, I presume…

The angelic rape scene has a story behind it indeed, in short, it is a depiction of Lilith in Eden, after she has realized she is beyond the concepts of God. The cover is a painting of Vampyric Communion, in Chaos Magick, it would be spiritual Gnosis. The symbolism is so involved, it would involve a lot more typing that what an interview should have. The cover art was painted by Khaija Ausar, not only did he understand the true concept of this artwork, he was able to manifest the concept into beauty, it is a shame what the graphic editors did to that painting for the cd cover... back then no body owned a computer let alone a scanner or digital camera. None the less, we payed someone to add the tacky colored logo and album title which Khaija Ausar designed, and we did so at a high price back then in 96 and got to see the results after it was pressed. Indeed, I thank the fire that ignites my smoke now that technology has made these things possible to anyone who can cope with technology.

Now a rather strange question – Have you studied wormholes or other astrophysical phenomena? Some of the possibilities here easily dwarf anything that man has accomplished in the last century…

No but I will have to look into that. I would not be surprised if ot relates to other theories I have fondly read about and experienced.

In the whole host of Black Metal bands there are many who in my opinion write lyrics in an insincere manner and alot of this just seems like empty praises to Satan. Is this something that you have noticed yourself? In your own words, how does Crimson Moon avoid this banality?

I write the lyrics, and I think Hail Satan and Blasphemy are simply a weak tool for a lot of lyricists who run in to writers block. When I blasphemise in lyrical form, it comes out natrually and is indeed sincere.

Let’s talk about the unreleased Under The Serpentine Spell recording. Is this in the same vein of your debut compact disc To Embrace The Vampyric Blood? Inform us about this release and when it should see the light of day.

It is on it's way out. People who are good at downloading probably alredy have it if they look hard enough. I share the songs on p2p networks. The "official" release is in the works now as of late February 2004. It is similiar to the To embrace the Vampyric BLood CD, and was recorded with the same equipment (analog 4-track). It is definately in the same vein, the though the progression is definately there.

I think the drum machine was programmed very well, to the point where it does not hinder the band in any way. Is obtaining a drummer, session or otherwise, of any concern to Crimson Moon?

We have a drummer now, recording wise, it has not worked out yet. A drum machine can be two tracks, we were limited to 4 in the past, now things are changing immensley. I agree that Overlord programmed the drums extremely well. At the time of To Embrace... and Under the Serpentine Spell,. we used an antique Yamaha RX-11, we upgraded and both have a boss dr770 for the new material and it is an extremely big difference. A lot of the new material is at as well, and anyone can hear the difference.

What do you see as evidence that the Christian influence and power in America is declining?

Hmmm... teenagers? I dont live in america and I havent for over 5 years now. I do like the news however for it's violent attributes, and being that George Bush has seemed to be quite anti gay, I think that will backlash him and maybe a new president will come around who isnt so concerned with impressing the bible belt communities with religious hypocrisy and decide that laws that are hand in hand with the bible should be banned. Maybe then I would want to live in America again, but I still doubt it.

As I am reading through your lyrics and even in other interviews I see an appreciation for the Sumerian mythology and archetypal deities. Why has this culture in particular fascinated you? Are there any other ancient civilizations that you hold in that same high regard?

Basically it is due to recorded history, and digging as far as one can go into the written words of what the hidden(occult) refers to. I am extremely fascinated with SUmerian civilization, it is a true mystery as to how they knew so much that was so advanced, for example their calander and their knowledge of the solar system.

America is not normally regarded as having very many good Black Metal bands in the eyes of alot of people, especially Europeans. Have any of the newer Black Metal bands from the United States impressed you? Have you ever heard the opinion that the only worthy Black Metal comes from Scandinavia?

Hehe, yeah. There were a lot of good bands that came from Scandinavia, most of which have turned into something I would not even care to hear. I honestly dont keep up with much new musick in the current scene. I can find enough older stuff that I would prefer to listen to from a few years back. Half of the bands I respected, I grew to hate with all the albums they were spitting out every year, trying to struggle to be famous. This is very strongly related to Crimson Moon, and the reasons as to why we take our dear sweet damned time to do as we will. I could almost pity the people who gave up on us and "grew out' of this type of musick, none the less towards the people who thought we could make the vampires... On that note, I should probably thank bands like Cradle of Filth for filtering out those idiots. On the other hand, I should also thank the people who "grew out" of Black Metal and now make techno musick. After all, I can remeber a few years back when there where just way too many bands to hear and most of which that were temporary (i.e. short lived).

I was reading about the influence of music on the human mind and I came across an article that stated the University of California-Irvine had students listen to Mozart's Sonata for Two Pianos in D Major for ten minutes then take an Intelligence Quotient test. The students scored eight to nine points higher when listening to Mozart compared to silence or a relaxation tape. I won’t go into tones and frequencies affecting the mind but the question is, do you think it is possible to influence someone through music to commit acts of violence? Without spoken word can music bring someone to these deeds? Explain.

Honestly, this is the best question I have ever recieved for an interview. I believe anything is possible. Music can do this, but it depends on the person. Experimentation with sound frequenies can do extremely bizarre things, and different people react differently to this. I think to be able to do it in a way that is somewhat musical is damned near impossible for now. I have and still try to accomplish this however.Technology will only bring this further. Surround Sound, that is a major step. Many experiments have been documented with proper science towards the influence of the mind that functions under the influnce of tones and music. I truly wonder why it isnt so talked about, and I would not be surprised if it isnt a tactical method that is used within most corporations and governments designed to make money.

Crimson Moon has an utterly sinister sound that is complemented by lyrics of the same nature. Is writing music something that each member does? When you are actually writing the music what kind of goals do you set? What songs are you most proud of?

We are all equally focused on this, we focus on the symbol which is within our logo. The symbol is our conjoined creation. It is a Goal, it is a gate, and it is a path.

In the song Sender Of Nocturnal Visions you speak of human sacrifice (or maybe a Negro is animal sacrifice….). Explain more about these kinds of offerings, I am very interested on your views here.

It goes way back into History and the Goddess Hekate, which the Sender of Nocturnal Visions is about.

The Occult is clearly the inspiration and focus for the band. What are some authors and books on this subject that you would recommend?

The occult does have much to do with books, but it really comes down to what we as people do not know. NO book or Author has the answer, some peopl have a way with words and interesting theories. I would like to know what the people who never wrote a book think, and how their theories vary.

Is there anything else that you would like to mention about Crimson Moon?

Actually yes, I recetly heard about a bootlegged copy of a t-shirt from Crimson Moon, If anyone knows about this, please let me know. I dont care that we got ripped off on a few cents for whatever was sold, we would simply like a few for ourselves!

Thanks for answering the interview. I hope to be listening to Under The Serpentine Spell in the next few months.

Thank you for the interview.. as you know by the aproximate year it has taken for me to answer this, we do not really answer interviews anymore, that might change, but for now They will be few and far between. I thank you for your patience, and I hope that perhaps this is rea by the few and important ones who may understand and appreciate the ever rising acsension of the Crimson Moon

Interview with Blood Moon Ausar of

Interviewed by MALEFIC for Solitude Aeturnus zine


CRIMSON MOON Once calling Southern California home, this Cult is about as sunless as it gets. A band that is not yet dead, yet has been overlooked in the US black metal scene for what?!.. being total genius!? One can find themselves put in a trance while experiencing albums such as "To embrace the vampyric blood" and one of their later ones, that includes the help and netherworldly contribution of Blood Moon Ausar, mainly "Under the serpentine spell". These albums will infect and/or effect your dreams, the darkest of dreams will become more mysterious with every summoning of Crimson Moon. Now..let Blood Moon put some words into your unconscious and subconcious minds! (MALEFIC)

My involvement with Crimson Moon started before the year 1997. I had ordered a demo tape from a snail mail advertisement that I had found along with a whole handful of other snail mail adds, and I took interests in it and I ordered the Crimson Moon demo.. Into the Nocturnal Forest. I found this demo to be of extraordinary bleak and cold void pale black metal ritual rite... I listened to it over and over and over again. Listening to the way the guitars were structured, listening to the torchered screams and demonic hateful troll like growls and vokills of Vampir Scorpios and I fucking thought it was some of the best Black metal to be unleashed from the States in those days. I started corresponding with Vampir Scorpios and everything lead from that point forward. We wrote each other on many many many things.. Topics and subject matter of interest, theorum and agenda pertaining to much of the areas of the demonically relative occultium alignment and applicational theorum and teachings concerning Sorcerial thought and concept as well..Meetings of the mind on matters of all things Unholy one might say// I think what really took matters to a more personal level with he and I was that I created the Crimson Moon logo that we now use and I did this without him asking and without Scorpios even expecting it. It was quite a shock and suprise to him I think. He was quite pleased and then Nocturnal Overlord wanted to say Hails and Hello to me as well... I sent the logo and still kept up correspondance with Scorpios and we wrote each other and talked on the phone quite often. Before I became part of the Circle of the Cult I was mainly just the band artist and caligrapher. I designed the cd cover painting for To Embrace The Vampyric Blood and I hand penned all the song titles in caligraphic script for the back of the cd its'self and everything looked absolutely fucking killer... It held some of the sombre yet cryptically grim imagery that Nordic black metal cults were famous for incoporating into their covers and layouts.. Everything was great.. I was doing art work for Crimson Moon and I was doing work with Baron Von Abaddon, which to most of your readers is a long since dead name now in the new modern day scenes, but I hope not.. The Baron was the Grand inquistor and black necromantic mage of the infamous endarkend ugly black metal cult Black Funeral.. (Hail to thee Baron whereever you may be now.... I know that your occult mind and your seething treacherous heart of matters arcane will still be a True brethern of the study and applications of the Typhonian Way and of the Ways Luciferian...).
I was doing artwork for Black Funeral, Valefor and The "Akhkharu" kult, which was my own project held in honored occultium status with another brethern of the arcane alignment, and I was doing art work for Crimson Moon and then things changed for the better. It was then around that time that the funeral winds of necromantic divinations changed and were about to unleash a task of intrigue and honor..One of which has held to this very day. I was talking to Scorpios on the phone and it just so happend he was complaining about not having a keyboardist for Crimson Moon and that Overlord did the keys and synth pieces on the cd, but they wanted something else, another member perhaps or Overlord could just keep on doing the synth piece like he did on To Embrace the Vampyric Blood. I told him that I play keyboards man, know, it’s really nothing serious but yeah man, I play. The next thing I knew he was asking me.. Play something.. He wanted to hear something.. So I did.. He asked me how long I have been playing and that it just might work.. The only thing was that I was in Texas and they both were in California. Well, that problem was no longer a problem once I had the money for the plane ticket, so I went. We recorded Under The Serpentine Spell the next 7 days and that’s how our union came to be. Soon after I returned to Texas, Scorpios was asked to be the touring bassist with Ancient from Norway. It was going to be the "World Blood Hunt Ancient Tour” in 97.. It was after that, after Scorpios left that Crimson Moon started to experience massive set backs and dissapointments... We never really had a chance to release Under a Serpentine Spell and with Scorpios residing in Europe moving from various places we could not do much of anything except keep “Under the Serpentine Spell” in the "vaults"...



Overlord became involved with Abysmal Nocturne and started playing shows and recording with them as a session guitarist, but it eventually became an offered full time membership position.. He also had stated working with a side project of his own called Nibiru and he created some very abstract vividly bleak serpentine black metal stellar artistry with Nibiru. Again because of his schedule and time constraints Overlord could not do much with Nibiru, but still to this day has the material he recorded and the latest Nibiru material in mind to release. Overlord also started working and trying to organize Kthulu Production as a possible distro label designed to release Nibiru and Crimson Moon releases through and due to his working schedule had to put on hold. Nocturnal Overlord is currently putting together new Nibiru material as well as the latest Crimson Moon material, however Kthulu Productions is of yet still remaining to be a dormant entity. Overlord is also currently involved with Abysmal Nocturne, which is a growing black metal act and entity and has played shows and shared stages with acts like Immolation, Incantation, Mayhem and I think they might be playing with Abigail from Japan here pretty soon, but I am not sure.
Vampir Scorpios still resides in Europe and has been currently working on his latest musical entity of mystery and misanthropic artistry called " Serpent Seduced Eve". He also has been working on material for Sabnack, Akrabu and of course Crimson Moon.



As of right now he calls Europe home and plans on coming back to the States for a visit and to record the next Crimson Moon cd which is titleless at the present time. This release will be more or less an archive release. Tracks will include songs from the demo days and new re-recorded re-structured songs from the debut CD To Embrace the Vampyric Blood and of course it will include the latest newest material Scorpios and Overlord worked on while his last visit. This is yet not a scheduled release and as to when this will be released is unknown.



While the other brethern of the Cult were doing there own things I also was keeping busy with work and doing artwork, mainly artwork concerning Crimson Moon t-shirt designs, and sigil crafting that would incoporate our occultium advocacy and misthanthropic choice of spirit and alignment.. I also did some work for Black Funeral and designed the last logo that Black Funeral used and some caligraphic script for the cd release of "Empire of Blood, released through Full Moon Productions.LOCAL SCENE
I really did not do anything musically until I was asked to be in a Texas based death-black metal cross over act as their keyboardest. It was this choice that I made the worst fucking mistake I had ever made ...It is also because of this mistake that I left the whole entire Texas underground scene socially, professionally and quite frankly personally.. I'll say this .I am not one for "trash talking, I know what happend, and who all was involved. I remember this shit like it was last week and I still continue to refuse to support anything, any band, any act or attempt at a black metal cult from Dallas because of it.. Only a few people remain as true brethern in my opinion from that fucking town. I left that act.. and after what happened to me I left the scene and the support of the scene musically, socially and personally.. I went underground so to speak. I quit all my correspondances other than Scorpios and Overlord and took to being very deliberately misthanthropic and un-social.. I was tired of being used, and thought of as some friendly helpful dark artist and I was tired of supporting and giving my support personally to people and motherfucking knuckle draggin. beer-swillin' appalachian neanderthall red neck pink toed sloths. I dropped over 56 people in one day and haven’t spoke to them, any of them since.. I was not about to stay in a scene, in a local scene, and support any band or Bitch or Bastard that "expected me to stay and be an artist and a well known musician after being stabbed in my back by the very band mate "brethern"?? that I thought I could trust.. I never have forgotten anything ..and I won't ever forget or forgive.. I won't talk trash.. I don't talk trash.. I remember who is who and what was what.. Trash talking? ...Nope. not at all... Its not forgotten.. After what happened to me.. I left them all.. told the drummer ..You no longer have a keyboardest or a backing vocalist.. I will never fucking support a local scene like that ever again. Fuck em.. I will not be cordially non-chalantly "expected and desired to be part of or support any scene where back stabbing motherfucking two faced people reside as the "only" real examples of true minded brethern.. Not at all... I am not a stupid man, nor will I ever be a stupid man.. I remember and I have not forgot... Enough said..........



I stayed underground and deliberately remained out of the social scene and eniornment of the underground.. I kept up with what was going with the American black metal scene and what bands and cults were new out of Poland, Germany and the Ukraine, but as for emailing and writing and especially doing "artwork" uh,uh.. Nope. I got tired of doing artwork for bands and people. I got tired of being used or non-chalantly taken for granted basically by those that I did stuff for and getting screwed for doing it. I was also tired of the God Damned amounts of fucking two faced, arrogant, conceited motherfucking pricks and Bitches that populated the so called "underground black metal scene” and extreme music scenes as well.. I saw that the underground was no longer a damn proud few that held seriously dedicated perserving occultium mindful black metalist.. I saw rather that these extremely arrogant vanity striken little bitch whores into the "new" Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir were populating everything.. I saw that there were clueless linear minded Laveyan Satanist teenagers wandering around the malls in the latest "Hot Topic clothing and "Goth gear...I saw that black metal was turning into a God damned social club and a motherfucking trend hoping party wagon where all the "Good girls go to die and the Mansonite fans wanted something "heavier" something darker something more damn "blasphemous” to use to piss off dear old Mom and Pop White Trash. If Cake and Sodomy wasn’t enough they could throw in a penny for thoughts into the Cradle of Filth too..... They could also find a Dark Throne to sit on every now and then and remain as clueless as to who was who in Graveland, Veles, Full Moon, Mysteriis, Infernum and Manes as they still are to this day....Absolutely destroying everything.. every damn thing Dark Throne and the Black metal occult scene represented and stood for.. I was not fucking pleased with what I had to sit back and watch over a period of years happen to the black metal scene... I have remained out of the social settings of the underground for nearly the last 5 years now, and just recently, just this year did I start to come out and say Hails and Hello to motherfuckers.. You know.. I don't want to sound like an old man Bitching in my damn depends and food supplement pudding over all this shit, but hey ..I am 28 years old now and I remember when the Black Metal underground and the entire motherfucking scene started. I remember when these "so called bands" were not "bands" at all.. They were covenship cults of true minded misthanthropic pissed off motherfucking occult brethern, devil worshiping assholes and elite minded occult fascist that could "play" instruments.. They played with hatred in their hearts, their "Screams and growls of demonic intensity and grim trollish execution” were not "staged" and back then "Black metal” was not a "term" of how one could "play an instrument to fit the ever growing trend and demand of the neighborhood kid going to Wherehouse music to pick up the latest CD at 17 fucking dollars a pop! Hell Fucking NO! It was God Damned Pissed Off Satanic Occultium minded brethern who worshipped the Devil, completely dedicate their lives in all ways and form to serving and playing for the "devil”.. and its works. These guys were pissed, they were fucking furious about why they were pissed and who they were serving and how in many different ways, being some illegal they could better demonstrate their arcane blasphemic devotion.. "Bands" were not "bands" ..They were Damn activist cults that held nothing in respect or regard that had a damn thing to do with accepted societal, moral or religious view points. I remember when I used to meet motherfuckers in unlit fields out in the country to talk about what new cult had a demo coming out. I remember all of it.. I remember when we first heard of and started to find alignment and unity with the underground occultium black metal scene ..It was pure, it was true, it was fucking UNHOLY!!!! It was deliberately demonic, dangerous and held great contempt for nearly everything we as occultium minded spiritually decesive brethern were wanting to advocate and express and did not yet know how..



Black metal's very presence seemed to answer what so many of us felt was an overwhelming spiritual sense and desire to dedicate our selves to the study and practice of all things macabre and the demonically relative ....It was a damn form of expression that seemed to give us what we wanted as a form of "music" and art and some idea of belonging to something special, something pure, something evil, and something coldly "alien" that we back then could not find with death metal... It seemed to provide a sense of answers, unity and belongingness that fueled our hatred, our contempt, our disdain and animosity towards eveerything that held any representation to God, to angelic Love kindness or comapassion to the fellow herd class thinking man. It was like a drug. The music, its ever invoking grimness and ice cold void pale spiritual expression of darkness and misthanthropy.. You did not want to leave the camp fires and the unlit places you did not want to turn off the "Calling of Sathanic Nightside Beckoning”.. It fueled the fires of mystery deep within us, it also became a form of the unanswered questions we all had yet never seldom shared that asked.. Why Am I an Occultium minded Brethern, what deep cavern of inner desire made us want to study and dedicate our lives, selves and spiritual destiny and choice to the service of and the devotion to the Black Arts and the demonic. Black Metal seemed to be the form of the answer, it seemed to provide us then with the very essence of the unspoken un learned of way we as occultium minded brethern could express our dedication and devotion to all things macabre, demonic, paranatural, alien and spiritually controversial and the disturbing. We felt like Knights in the Devils Army, or something.. I remember this.. Its not something easily forgotten, and now ..this once proud and special alignment is seen as what..? ..A music genre.. A way, a style that instruments can be played .. I won't sit here and claim that Crimson Moon can capture all that is of the black metal "spirit" and the true essense of the demonically relative and the spiritually disturing, ...I am not going to be that disrespectful to what the Occultium path and current can fill you with... I will say that we as a band and we as occultium minded brethern will do our damndest to try to put into a form of music and intensity that feeling though.. The feeling that I speak of here is not something that can easily be "explained" because it comes from within, it comes from a ever present disgust and disdainful contempt for the ways of and concept of everything that seems to thought of to be of God and of the Laws of God and The Great Law.. Whether you state that you "believe" in God or not doesn’t matter.. Its like a feeling of absolute spite, and animosity that is more like a ressurection of a shadow memory.. ancient hatred toward "something" that can't be remembered.. yet Altruistically if one looks deep enough within can be found and sought after. Its the feeling of a dream like sense of belongingness and the desire to establish an otherwise seemingly illogic stance of victory and control over what much of the entire populace of the world wished to spiritually feel in comfortable alignment and connection with. Its like an overwhelming desire to yell or scream out something, yet that desire to scream is quieted and silenced by the very act and thought it takes to "seek out what that feeling is in the first place. The Ancient Hatred that looms within and fuels the Fires of Mind and Aeonic Memory.. Some occultist see this "sense" of preternatural familiarity called the "Blood Cry of Kingu.. others see it merely as an idea created by all that one is introduced to when first choosing to align one self with the Darkness that hideth veiled behind the light of aware awakend being.



Crimson Moon will strive to present that expression and will even try to capture the meaning and the reason why we as occultium minded brethern and soror feel the way we do.. The Cult of the Crimson Moon and our teachings will do our best, when its time, to answer the reasons of thought and insight as to why we all feel what we feel.. I'm not going to claim that we will be the darkest, most hatred filled misthanthropic band of occultium minded facist and assholes.. because that's not what I am talking about.. Maybe just maybe ..Our brethern will be able to shed some NOT-light on the answers dedicated occultium minded brethern and soror have constantly sought after. The test of ability will not be in our "music" or the music's demonic hypnotic flow or intensity, but in our lyrical sorcery, our message and the doctrine involved from an occultium stand point.



You asked what are some of Crimson Moon's influences musically as far as black metal is concerned and other forms of music.. I'll answer that, but I think since Vampir Scorpios and Nocturnal Overlord are the master craftsmn behind the Cult's hymns.. I'll have to just give you my personal thoughts on what "these influences might be.. I think Manes of Norway has had great influence in the creation of and the song writing of Crimson Moon's material.. I also think that old school Polish grim kine cults such as Infernum, Graveland and Veles also are of Crimson's influence.. Dissection, The Black, Mayhem, and Dark Throne are some of the others...Old old Immortal, and old Emperor before In The Nightside Eclipse.. As for ideological influences? ..I would have to say extreme and demonically relative areas of advanced occultium applicational teachings, theorum and mechanics pertaining to Typhonic, Ophidian, Sothic and Non-ucleadian Cth'Thultic systems of occult sciences. I would also have to say that much of the lyrical sorcery is composed from Scorpios's own interests and devotion to the studies of occultium fields of activity pertaining to Necromancy and Demonology, both pre-medieval and early era medieval demonologic applicational doctrines. Early Eygptian and Ekurbadic Hermetic philosophy plays a great part in some of the concepts that we as an occultium band follow and advocate from an intellectual setting. Mesapotamian, Babylonian, Assyrian and Semetic Quabalistic path systems are also are of great interests and influence respectively.



Now, ..The biggest question that every one wants to ask about Crimson Moon is one that pertains to why we claim to title our Cult as a Vampyric or Vampiric Black Metal band.. We're asked this in nearly every interview seeing how we don't claim any alignment or recognition of the La'veyan Satanic teachings, opinion or philosophy due to our personal dislikes for La'veyan systems of thought and opinion. We are not of a La'veyan stand point at all.. In fact we would honor Luciferian idealogical precept and Sothic Setian systems of thought and interests rather than La'veyan Satanic teachings. We are occultium minded brethern who have interests and personal conviction towards the active applicational teachings and study of Typhonic, Opheidan and Tliamatiac sorcerial path workings and alignment. I my self am of a school of occultium thought that I call Non-Ucleadian Cth'thultism and as to this I won't get into just yet. But it does hold extreme views concerning areas of occult study pertaining to dimensionality and non-linear occultium concept and precept associated with Chaos Magick, and advanced study in quantum metaphysics and quantum psychologic models.. The Vampyric current in occultium study is not a "funny" friendly" tongue in cheek area of interests and study to involve one self in.. to some its an aesthetic theatrical expression of dark or even controverisal human romanticism, but true meta-physical undead covenships are nothing that should be glorified, or remotely captivating. Its not something I really want to discuss here in this manner due to the high number of people that associate "Vampires, and all things "vampiric with the late 80's and early 90's Gothic and Death Rock culture and aesthetic appreciation for the macabre. To most the idea of the undead and vampires is just some wild fanciful vision of the extravagant and the timeless quest that has always expressed its self in the minds of man.. The ability to cheat death and live Immortal. Vampires are thought of as mythological and at best creatures of the human imaination... Creatures that seem to have the attributes of an angel or the timeless ageless wisdom of a God while carrying on some form of self contempt and disinterest in expeiencing life because they are "accursed, the forsaken and the Damned. They've been written about time and time again and can capture the interests of the avid horror fan or the simple tongue in cheek disply of appreciation for the Halloween season ....To most the vampire is a creature of myth and fiction and a creature whose very physical existence is seemingly illogic and vastly controverisal to the minds of scientist, biologist and others of medical fields of research and practice. While most people readily can discuss the existence of "vampires" as theorum and myth, vampirism however is not. Over the years there have been many many studies into the idea of and actuality of what vampirism is and what form vampirism takes. Studies into the life styles and psychological make up of so called "living-vampires" There is even titles that for every descriptive definition vampirism and its many forms could be learned of typically speaking. However its not of "typical" thought or study that I am speaking of with what Crimson Moon aligns our selves with and wills to present our listners as our message. We do not claim to be ageless old vampires coming to resuface and make our "mark on the human infamous legacy of interests and intrigue as Anne Rice wrote of.. We are occultium students and brethern of a very different area of activity and alignment, one of which is not clearly or all that carefully studied by the researchers and psychologist that study vampirism and it's many forms. There is a very un studied, un learned of, un friendly, un-nice un-happy, un-holy area of study and involvement that pertains to Vampiric activity.. I'm not sure what to call it to be honest with you, because what you understand is that there are very real, yet phantasmagoric entities or people that do exist undead, phase-shifted and more like light form anomolies when encountered. These people are historically in some occult circles and intelligence referred to as the The Initiates, The Night Dead and the Boys and Girls of Yesteryear.. The Boy's and Girls' next door, and The Xymox or simply the Club. They are called Re'phaim biblically and in Hebrew that word means "Lost Ones”, or Sorrowfull Ones. And then these people are also referred to as the Angry Dead that the book of Enoch speaks of losely in referrence to End time prophetic events and revelations. They have also been called the Alumni or simply the Black Brethern, ..Some of your readers will understand exactly who I am referring to as the Joker Faced Assholes and The Joker Faced Men and Women. Anne Rice would not even want to think of writing about what these people are and whats happened to them, They are nothing that she could ever think while sinking down into a candle lit lilac scented fucking bubble bath. The real ones are'nt what you find in the Gothic night clubs sipping on Shirly Temples and popping X every 5 minutes.. They are not nice to encounter and they are more like people, holloform images one could encounter in a damn dream or nightmare if you ever were to. They are more dimensionally relative than human living alive living mattered bodied people, and they exist in what the damn Government intelligences understand and have titled the "Aethyr" or the Ether" // They exist in half life states of consciousness and lucid R.EM. state reality. Most of them remain in the Astral aethyrs and exist in various shades of time's spectrum and are not met as physical people by those on this side of Time's relativity.. They are more ghostly and most of them do not get up from coma like states of stasis and condition for years at a time, sometimes up to 15 years at a time. You think its funny and friendly nice and Gothic to encounter these kind? ..uh uh, ..They will fuck your world and effect you as a dimensional time-relative image by their very presence fields.. You'll think your having a damn "acid" trip while talking to them and at times you'll feel like you're drunk and high on GHB. You people have no clue.. Black Lodge Illuminati.. Those who have Risen, ..The Initiates.. the Dead to Sleep Awakend.. That is what it is. You think Cradle of Filth personifies the real? You think Anne Rice and the movies personafy the real? ..Nope... You pay to pay.. To Win is to Lose To Lose is to Win. ....You play with the Old Game Undead'll understand what Sathanic pain and majesty is and what trully spiritually disturbing reality can exist for you for Winning the Game... I dont even recommend any of you get interested in the real, unless you are willing to Pay to fucking play. It has been trully forgotten over the years that the undead were once considered to be the armies of the Devil, and the Hordes of Dark Ones that were to become Messangers and Revelation's greatest unveiled secret... And you people think I'm kidding, ...Demons with the Faces of Men, Hair of Women and Teeth of Lions.... Its all there.. All you have to do is see the fucking picture your self.. Those people don't care if you laugh and giggle and doubt and scoff at them, they don't give a fucking damn ..I know I would not.. I'd kill you for laughing in my general direction after being made that way.. Its not a funny or friendly area of occultium activity to be remotely interested in period, unless you are willing to have your life turned up side down, destroyed astrally and spiritually opened up to levels of occultium relative agenda your SLEEP class mind have never dreamt possible. You know, ..I'll tell you .. The closet damn portryal I have personally seen of how movies or Hollywood could portray these people. It’s John Carpenter's VAMPIRES, Like I said, it’s not funny and it damn sure is'nt going to be "friendly" at all... I've been ripped and torn in ways I won't get into detail about with you here.. being astrally puntured and drained and fucking tore up from the floor destroyed was'nt funny. Neither was bleeding out my fucking astral etheric life force plasma for the path I am of.... I am not going to claim anything, not a damn thing, ..I am still here, I am not a phantasmagoric holloform image, but I've chosen my path and I bled because of it.. I gave of my life force and I am sworn to black. There is shit out there that does exist, It exist whether you people "believe" in it or not, that's the irony of the occultium agenda. It exists despite your laughter, your fucking opinion or your quaintly cute and adorable human assumptive guess work and freedom to disclaim and proclaim what is "false” and what "can't happen”.. It exist for purposes your doubt and skeptism fail to comprehend, and it laughs at you right back in your face. Grinning Sentient Expressions of Hatred and Aware Understanding.. Crimson Moon does'nt claim a damn thing.. We advocate something though, but its going to take a very studied person a very learned scholar of the occultium agenda to see it.. Keep thinking that "vampiric stuff is "false, fake, gay, weak and wimpy.. A Harvest Time cometh.. And it cometh soon....



Crimson Moon is'nt a black metal band that has any ties to any organizations professing support or appreciation for our music or message. We are not part of the lime light or the known American acts that take to the stage.. We are who we are, we've been who we are despite the set backs and despite the God damned bullshit we as personal Brethern have gone through over the years that SHOULD have worn down our will and perserverance, but it did'nt.. and it has'nt.. Its been nearly 5 years since I've spoke out or answered any interview period at all.. Its been a long 5 years and guess what. ??? ..Alot can happen to a motherfucker in 5 years.. You can change your whole out look on life, you can make a career move that could land you a fat cushy desk job, or it could even be filled with so much bullshit and fucking test and endurance test and obstacles and more bullshit.. You could even turn out like me.. I don't think most of you would like that though.. Its been a long 5 years ...I've had alot to say, and I still have alot more to say.... Not here though.. Other times and other places... You know.. Usually I don't say a damn thing about me being in Crimson Moon, it’s personal as you can well see.. but I thought it was time for me to do an interview, speak my mind and settle a few curiousities and inquiries about it all.... Currently Crimson Moon is experiencing yet another set back.. and we're having a brand new "problem" ..and heh, heh, ..I think its a boy... (this does'nt mean one of our Brethern is having a baby, its a damn metaphor to call the "BULLSHIT" we've currently got to face right now..) Heh, heh, heh, ..YESOD does'nt like us very well.. You know so far this "interview" has been more like a damn story or a brief auto biography pertaining to things about me and Crimson Moon and my involvement with various things and I have to say.. Its very strange and awkward to be speaking of matters and agenda like I have done..



To be honest I am rather intrigued with much of what I have heard and of course the Brethern whos Cults I am in correspondance with are always Hailed to and remembered. The bands that I have found most able to express the grim kine black metal remants of spirit would be ..Blood Stained Dusk, Abazagoroth, Xasthur, Abysmal Nocturne, Demoncy, Havohej, Judas Iscariot, Krieg, Weltmacht, Nachtmystium, Sol Evil, Black Witchery, Kult Ov Azazel, Ibex Throne, Thornspawn, Khisianth, Averse Sefira, Inquisition, and Blood Storm. And there's a few NS oriented bands that I have heard from the states as well.. As far as I can tell the US underground scene has improved over the years. I like what I am hearing, its not American gutteral death metal influenced and it does'nt sound American, ..Over all I am pleased, although I still look for anything and everything coming out of the Ukraine, Russia and Poland as well.. Norwegian Black metal cults seem to be growing less and less important or something now.. Swedish scene still unleashes some band with absolute talent and demonic intensity. I am in contact with several of the US bands and each one that I am in contact with came only after careful consideration... Some cults that I recomend are Inquisition, Nachtmystium, Blood Stained Dusk, Black Witchery Abysmal Nocturne, Xasthur, Weltmacht, Kult Ov Azazel, die hards...into old school grim kind viscious ugly unfriendly black metal.. Krieg, Judas Iscariot, Ibex Throne and Black Witchery. I know there are many many others that I have either forgotten about or simply did not know of... Nokturne from L.A., Thornspawn, Venificum, Dark Moon, Corpus Corvax, Vukoduluk, ...Hails to those I have missed, ....


Personally I see Crimson Moon being as it is right now.. Out of public knowledge, out of the popular list of bands and cults available from American black metal scenes and I see Crimson Moon dormant as she is right now. We've got too many damn set backs concerning time constraints, finances and location problems.. We'll get these things settled and straightend out, but as of right now.. Crimson Moon is dormant at the present time, although we are every bit as prepared for the time when we will awaken her.. We just re-pressed the first two shirt designs and are selling for 15 Dollars through Nocturnal Overlord's address...which I'll include at the end of this interview.. These shirts are two designs, one of which is the full color cover painting that is featured on To Embrace the Vampyric Blood cd release. The other shirt design is a angel being basically raped and molested with a crucifix by feme fatale harpy like demonic women bitting into her breast and chest area, arms and wrist... This is a design that Scorpios has Mark Riddick create for our first shirt design back in 1997. Both of these shirts are killer and are very grim in both style and artistry. We are also planning to release Under the Serpentine Spell through a label, but as to who that will be is up to Scorpios's and Overlord's personal desicions.. We were thinking possibly War Hammer would be interested or Hekal Xul Productions from Australia, but as of right now. I can't say what the hell will be happening..



I don't have any "hateful visions" of torture, but I would like to remind our readers that just because you scoff and laugh and dismiss the Occultium agenda as bullshit and myth fanciful happenings, I'd like to remind you that there are things that exist despite your personal opinions as to their existence do maintain their existence. I think Shakespeare has always said it best.. There are things in heaven and in Earth Horatio, Things that men's sciences can not account for.... I don't have any hateful visions, I do have an understanding, an awareness and a very real sense of recognition for what is to come though, Great are the Actions of Hatred...Mighty are the Works of contempt.. I think I have said quite enough, maybe too much for some of the readers to like or give appreciation for. Well, we'll see what happens won't we. I shall like to Hails my esteemed Brethern Nocturnal Overlord and Vampir Scorpios ..We shall set the fires of the Awakening to strike deep within the minds of man.. A Time cometh and it cometh soon where all who liveth will see they Sleepeth in Now, and then comes the Day of Reckoning, the Sombre Day, A Day when the Winds shall Slay. A Day of Darkness and of Understanding. The D'jin cometh with fury and with wrath awakend.. the incense riseth up to call Ye Dawn, ..To Call Ye Dawn Which Calleth Hate. The Black Star that shineth cold cometh Brethern.. Winds of change bringeth new wisdom, old revelations and the Obsedian Dawn of Enlightned understanding...... Thank you Malefic for asking me to do this.. Please forgive me if this interview did not take the shape and form of what you thought it might have by your questions. It is rather a monstrosity is'nt it. I wish you the best with this new position you now hold for this publication and I wish you the best with Xasthur. You trully have a very unique pale cold void cryptic grim black metal cult ..One of who's expression is clearly honored....Hails to thee and all thy endeavors Malefic........

Blood Moon Ausar
Khy'jyhad't He'R'lyeh -The Damon Prophet Priest
Khaibit Khraat Cyphyr-The Scribe Sightsmen
He Who is of Dead Light Mind

Interview with Vampir Scorpios of

Published in ??? 'zine 2002

??: Hail Crimson Moon, how are you?

VS: Things continue to be, time moves slow yey we have continued at a steady pace towards our goals. Time is ours.

??: To Embrace the Vampyric Blood was a well recieved Cd outside the US. Have you had the oppertunity to go tour?

VS: We have to this day never performed live. Situations which were suitable have yet to take place. This is all very likely to happen in the future, though I could not say when. We are in no rush with what we do and as I said before, time is ours. The To Embrace the Vampyric BLood cd did indeed recieve a strong response even though it suffered froma weak promotion and was recorded ona mere four-track recorder. Listeners who found this release of interest, should definately recieve our new material on a higher level and stanbdard for our work.

??: Crimson Moon has been dormant for some time, could you briefly tell us why?

VS: As I prefer to put it.. we have never been dormant, only dreaming. This is due to several reasons. However we continue to work on new material, and when we feel the time is right, we will return with our second full-length release... and that time is getting closer by the day. It is also assuring to see the black metal scene die down a bit and not being so distorted by media and an over abundance of mediocre average bands. WHere many bands moved on to a different approach and mopre are even no longer what I would deem as black metal... we continue to do things the way we have always done and intended to do.

??: You have been working on new material, how is this material similar or differant than the Vampiric blood release?

VS: We have much new material.. aprox 3 cd's worth of new musick, if not more. The new and upcoming release, consists of all the songs from the 1994/95 demos re-recorded and slightly re-written, a track from "To Embrace the Vampyric BLood" a track from the "Under the Serpentine SPell" reh. sessions... two unreleased new tracks, and finally a Darkthrone cover of As Flittermice as Satans Spys" - So the musick is still definately in the same vein, only much more aggressive in nature and much more crushing in sound and production. The new tracks are a perfect representation of our metamporhposis throughout the past years.

??: When could we expect a new release from Crimson Moon

VS: This is difficult to give an exact answer... al I can say is "soon" the material is being finished up and once we find a proper label to work with, things will commence

??: Crimson Moon songs have a strong atmospheric vibe, do you think the four track recording enhances this

VS: Not at all... using a 4-track definately puts limitations on us... now that we are recording on a proffesional sound basis... I think all will definately see the difference.

??: Who are Crimson Moon's influences?

VS: Musically, it goes back to many different bands... I would say at the time we formed (1994) many of the current black metal bands of that era had a strong influence on us and still do... (i.e. the older days of bands like Darkthrone, Emperor, Mayhem, Immortal, etc etc) - Though other than black metal.. acts such as Neptune Towers, Akhkharu, Devil Doll, ... the list is way to wrong to mention.

??: Many bands talk and use occult themes and symbols, but crimson moon has a unique approach. what are your opinions on the Occult.

VS: Well... maybe one thing somewhat unique to our approach is the fact that we study and practice the occult.. as opposed to using the symbols and imge merely to be "dark" or "satanic" - Unfortunately so many bands continue to use such occult based lyrics and image whom know next to little about what they "preach". WHich does indeed water things down a buit... but as we have stated from the begining.. we do what we do and we do it for ourselves.. minor things like trends, public image and popularity are really nothing of our concerns. I think I can speak for the entire band when I say we are all extremely misanthropic individuals and tend to shun the thoughts, views and presence of other people.

??: How much does this knowledge influence your lives and music?

VS: It is a major influence on the musick, on spiritual measures for writing and molding the atmosphere, setting our mindframes for recording, writing and playing, and our music in return, is a custom molded form of ritual and homage towards what it is we are involved in .

??: How would you describe your live show?

VS: It will be unique and they way we feel it should be... so until circumstances are fitting... that is all I can say for the time being

??: Is Scorpios the main creative force in the group;or do you each contribute?

VS: NO, I simply started the band in 94, Nocturnal Overlord is the main creative force behind writing the Musick, though we all contribute for songwroting as well... Nocturnal Overlord rightfully deserves the large percentage of that. I am more involved with the lyricks though we will continue to work together on future material.

??: What are some Albums on your play list

VS: It all depends on my mood.. and I listen to a large variety of musick... so in the last few days... some albums that I have been giving some attention to would be perhaps: Raion D'etre (all releases), Mysticum "in the Streams of Inferno" Macabre "dahmer" Darkthrone Unholy darkthrone tribute, Dead Can dance "spirit chaser". Satyricon "Volcano", BLack Sabbath Volume 4 and sabotage" Yngwie Malmsteen "rising Force" In Slaughter natives "Purgate my Sin" Death "human", Iron Maiden "Iron Maiden" Hannibal Soundtrack, Kiew "blutrausch Zu Feuerabend" the Omen II soundtrack and the Twilight Zone soundtracks. ...

??: In many Mythologys there is the theme of a world serpent (Tiamat). And also in Psychology they talk about the base of the brain being reptilian, what is your view on this?

VS: Yes, the Reptilain mind is the most primitive factor of the human mind and one we definately deem as important. Tiamat is a very misunderstood "concept" of an energy force. It would take a lengthy set of paragraphs to even lightly and vaguely go into this. I will save it for the further chapter of the book I am working on based on the occult theories and practices of Crimson Moon entitled "Luna Sanguinus" which will be aviable online until it is completed and published in it's entirety.

??: What is your Opinion on using substances to achieve differant states of Consciousness?

VS: Well, I am one who condones this method when it is used in an intelligent and non addictive manner. We are definately no strangers to the process of chemignosis via methods of Psilocybe, THC, Datura, Mescaline and the such. I personally see chemical drugs as a disandvante however for this... and would not say that intoxicants are the only way to achieve this altered states of being. However.. they are definately a unique approach to states of being and spirituality when done properly. And I must add that through this process of Chemignosis are where from which many of our inspirations and ideas are spawned.

??: Do you think this supports the Microcosm and Macrocosm idea about man in the image of the universe?

VS: I do no suport things that I can not 100% convince myself the truth of, for me that is what I would consider to be close-minded. I have theories and beliefs on several possibilities as far as the unknown is concerned. This goes for everything basically, afterlife, karma, reincarnation, Creation, etc.

??: What is your view on vampires real or non-real

VS: Vampire basically is the name for something that feeds and gains off of energy or life from another source or host. SO basically a mosquitoe would fit into this catagory as well as a sadist who gains pleasure from other's pain and sufferance. So in this description.. I would say yes... vampires do exist.

??: Please tell me your views on the fallowing words

Satanism - A rebellious answer towards CHristianity, e revised term for what was merely pagnism before all other forms of worship were persecuted and banned. - Though the term "Satanism" today yeilds so many interperatations, the word has gone quite vague in all reality. One can not simply class a follower of the C.O.S. with one who practices the total opposite extremeities of Satanisism, Devil Worship and Sacrficial Rituals.

Aliens - I have not experienced any phenomena in this catagory.. though I dont see it hard to believe in the possibility of their existance, especially when looking at the possibilities of their levels of existance, such as how Whitley Strieber explains his theories and experiences. I think universe is much to vast and great for mankind to be the highest level of existance.. or perhaps I just hope this.

Thelema - It is an interesting to read and observe... but a bit to organized and closed to other theories and beliefs for me personally.

Paganism - I have a respect for Paganism, a deep one. It definately condones and encourages development within the spirit. Though like all things... when it is put into the wrong hands, it can be an utter mess.

Humanity - The fabled highest of the chain of life. I have about as much respect for humanity as humanity does towards the earth they live on.

HP Lovecraft - I must admit, I have yet to read one of his books in it's entirety.. I have a hard time getting into fictional reading.

Atlantis - Another thing I have no particular comment on

??: Do you believe in Might is right or Survivial of the Fittest?

VS: In many ways, I view these concepts as one and the same.IT all comes down to the determination of one's own will. The strong rul the weak, and the wise rule the strong... history has continued to prove this throughout millenia

??: What album would you rather listen to A Blaze in the Northern Sky or Deathcrush

VS: Definately a Blaze in the Northern sky.. perhaps due to the time in my life i was first introduced to this album.

??: There are many refrences all through out the world of a dark goddess, who has a double nature, and a notion that this is the origion of the Baphomet. what is your opinion?

VS:The gOddess has a 3-fold nature. many deities and archetypes coincide... the Concept of God and the Creator has many faces and names throughout the world. It is for this reason I find that one can never be well enough read or studied on the topic. I find the similarities extremely fascinating between ancient and modern relgions... the Flood of Gilgamesh and the Biblical Flooding would be one small example. Baphomet is a very interesting source or energy current. It seems to be much more rational than the concept of the holy trinity... yet quite similiar in many ways. - It all just makes me stand my case that one can never have enough knowledge, it is a quest without end.

??: This Concludes the interview do you have anything you would like to add ?

VS: I send my regards for this interview and your support. ANyone who wishes for further informatin on available merchandise and upcoming news... feel free to get in contact.

Interview with Nocturnal Overlord of

Published in Unholy Desires 'zine 1998

UD: Spit out your first unholy words.

NO: Hail Tiamat!

UD: Please tell us the ancient history of CRIMSON MOON and the line up.

NO: Crimson Moon released our 2nd demo "Into the Nocturnal Forest" in early '95. That was the first widely distributed demo we made. It features Vampir Scorpios (of AKRABU and SABNACK) on bass & vocals, and I, Nocturnal Overlord (of NIBIRU) on guitars, keys, and an old drum machine. In October '97 the "To Embrace the Vampyric Blood" CD was released on ABYSS Productions. It has already sold out the first pressing and consists of the same line-up. We now have a keyboardist, Blood Moon Ansar (of AKHKHARU & TORMENT DEFINED). We already have the musik for our 2nd CD "Under the Serpentine Spell" arranged, and have been working on material for our 3rd CD.

UD: Can you explain to us the music that CRIMSON MOON plays and what kind of element did you blend in CRIMSON MOON'S lyrics? As I know, you're playing Vamphyric Black Metal, don't you?

NO: Crimson Moon plays extreme vampyric black metal and always will. The musik we create comes from within our souls. We do not try to sound like any particular type of musik. Vampir Scorpios writes all of the lyrics so I'm not sure about all the details.

UD: Tell us your inspirations and influences.

NO: My inspirations and influences come from my own insane life and visions I have seen.

UD: Any latest news from CRIMSON MOON and please tell us about your debut demo. Are you satisfied with it?

NO: As I mentioned earlier, we now have a new Keyboardist, Blood Moon Aasar. I think he fits right into the band. Vampir Scorpios is currently on tour with ANCIENT (Norway) in Europe. We now have some T-Shirts available.
"The Eye of the Draconis" XL T-Shirt $16
"To Embrace the Vampiric Blood" XL T-Shirt $17

The CD is still available for $15 with stickers. The "Into the Nocturnal Forest" demo did very good. I was satisfied with it, except for the production. That was when I first started recording & mixing musik. Our new material is turning out very dark and chaotic. I am very pleased with the way it's turning out.

UD: What does Satanism and Antichristianism mean to you? Some people don't know what it is, could you explain to us honestly?

NO: Satanism is a very personal thing. It comes from within yourself and would be difficult to explain in that Satanism means different things to each individual. Antichristianism to me means to be against Christianism and all religions, and forms of authority.

UD: How is the underground scene in your area especially your country, USA? Please tell us the other true Black Metal bands from your area?

NO: The scene in the U.S.A. sucks. There are no shows here and there aren't that many black metal bands. Vampyr Scorpios plays in his solo project SABNACK, he has two demos out. I play in my project called NIBIRU. I'm working on the debut demo now, and just have to put vocals on it.

UD: Why did you choose "CRIMSON MOON" as your band's name? Does it have any dark and mysterious meaning hidden behind it?

NO: Actually, Vampir Scorpios chose the name "Crimson Moon" for our band. To me it means my life and dedication to the undead gods and is very personal.

UD: Do you know anything about the Asian Underground scene, especially my country? Do you have any contact in Malaysia?

NO: I don't know too much about the Asian scene besides that it's supposed to be insane. I have not heard of any bands in Malaysia, but I have heard and enjoy SIGH from Japan. Besides them I haven't actually heard any other bands in Asia.

UD: Ok! Whisper your last dark words...

NO: Thanx for the interview. All the merchandise mentioned is available through my address, and await our 2nd release "Under the Serpentine Spell"!

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