The Choice Of Spirit

CD 2006 (Kthulu Productions)
I - The Unclean One (intro)
II - Into the Nocturnal Forest (instrumental)
III - Nocturnity
IV - Veins Of Immortality
V - Transcend the Darkness
VI - Vengeance of the Dragon: The Communion (outro)
VII - Sender of Nocturnal Visions
VIII - The Withering Rose of Purity
IX - The Choice of Spirit
X - The Fall of Man
XI - As Predators Upon Prey
XII - Alignment of the Serpentine Path

Under The Serpentine Spell
CD 2005 (Total Holocaust Records)
I - Cults of the Shadow (intro)
II - Chaos of the Sea - MUMMU TIAMAT
III - Raise the Horns of Battle
IV - Amidst The Labyrinths of Depression
V - The Withering Rose of Purity
VI - The Blood that is Eternal
VII - Her Cursed Kiss
VIII - Bloodstained Dreams of the Dragon
IX - Under the Serpentine Spell
X - Within the Dreaming Mind of the Seperate (outro)
XI - Veins of Immortality II (bonus track on CD)

To Embrace The Vampyric Blood

CD 1997 (Abyss Productions)
I - The Dirge of the Apocalypse (intro)
II - Kingdom Of Shadows
III - Praise Be the Blood Of the Serpent
IV - Carpe Noctem
V - The Stormbringer
VI - Sender Of Nocturnal Visions
VII - To Offer Thy Crimson Sacrament
VIII - The Eye Of the Draconis
IX - Embraced (outro)

Into the Nocturnal Forest
Demo 1995
I - The Unlcean One (intro)
II - Nocturnity
III - Veins of Immortality
IV - Transcend the Darkness
V - Vengeance of the Dragon: The Communion (outro)

Crimson Moon

Self Titled Demo 1994
I - Into the Nocturnal Forest (instrumental)
II - Veins of Immortality
III - Transcend the Darkness
IV - Perpetual Bleeding(outro)

Kthulu Productions